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On 7/18/2009, workers and retirees from Central Florida held an informational drive outside of the Bank of America in Crystal River, FL.

During the final hours of the Legislative Session, the Florida Legislature passed legislation that will deny Florida’s injured workers their day in court. HB 903 was rammed through the process by the most extreme, anti-worker leaders in the Florida House who refused a Senate compromise. It attempts to undercut a Supreme Court ruling that found that attorneys representing injured workers against big insurance firms looking to deny claims need “reasonable” fees for the workers’ compensation process to work and for workers’ rights to be protected.

When Perla Balli she heard the news that the T-Mobile call center where she worked in Brownsville, Texas, was about to close because T-Mobile was shipping 3,300 jobs from that location and from six other U.S. call centers overseas, she said: House and car payments, tuition for my oldest son’s college education and the expenses of caring for five children were the first things that came to my mind. No American worker should have to worry that their job will be taken from them unceremoniously and given to someone else. Read more >>>

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka issued a statement today proclaiming the federation's support for an executive order issued by President Obama protecting federal employees and employees of federal contractors against discrimination based on gender identity. Trumka said: Working people believe in equality and fairness. That’s why we are happy to stand with President Obama in supporting protections for workers who are discriminated against on the basis of gender identity. Read more >>>

Shedding Light on the Stars

On the set for Russell Crowe’s latest movie, “Noah,” Mario Pignard Jr. had the challenging task to create the impression of daylight in the middle of the night for an area larger than three football fields on Long Island. A highly specialized motion picture lighting technician, his skills were honed by other large projects, such as “The Dark Knight Rises,” starring Christian Bale, when he used nine to 12 generators to light lower Manhattan’s bridges and business district. Read the full article>>>

On 7/30/2009, citizens from Gainesville, FL, attended a Healthcare Reform Townhall focused on the public option. Workers from the North Florida Central Labor Council, as well as members of the Alachua County Democratic Executive Committee, asked a panel of experts questions. And, heard personal stories from from survivors of our current Healthcare system. Together, Organizing for America and the North Florida Central Labor Council presented their respective must haves from Congress.

On July 28th, 2009, workers throughout the United States called their Congressional delegates to ensure Labor's three must haves with Healthcare are heard. From Jacksonville to Pensacola, workers in North Florida joined the mobilization efforts and took an active role by participating through their Central Labor Councils and Local Unions.

On 7/27/2009, workers and the community joined together to hear stories about Healthcare, and to support the President's Healthcare plan. Senator Tony Hill spoke while Representative Gibson moderated the discussion. Organizing for America Deputy Field Director Chris Turner introduced guests and speakers.

On 7/17/2009, workers from the Big Bend Labor Chapter in Tallahassee, FL, demonstrated outside of Tallahassee Community College in support of the Employee Free Choice Act and Healthcare Reform.

On 7/11/2009, workers from the Northwest Florida Federation of Labor Central Labor Council united to spread the word on how to Turn Around America in 2009!

On 7/3/2009, workers from CWA #3114 and the Panama City Chapter of the Northwest Florida Federation of Labor helped Turn Around America in 2009 by distributing information regarding the Employee Free Choice Act and Healthcare Reform to the public at "Friday Fest" in downtown Panama City.

On 6/19 and 6/20, the North Central Florida Central Labor Council held two events, in Gainesville and Ocala respectively. With over 600 flyers passed out, and 102.2°F heat, workers and their families informed the public about the importance of the Employee Free Choice Act, while displaying their distrust for the financial giant Bank of America. After it became public in January that the corporate giant was helping fund a multi-million dollar disinformation campaign against the Employee Free Choice Act, workers in Florida have been protesting the bank that took taxpayer monies in the form of bailouts, then turned around and used taxpayer monies to attack legislation that will turn around America's middle class.

On 6/11/2009, Workers in Panama City, FL, combined their efforts for an information drive regarding the Employee Free Choice Act and Health Care Reform. Tom Owens, from AFGE (shown in picture) helped explain to the general public why working families need an economy that works for everyone.

On June 2nd, 2009, President Fred Croon and Zone Coordinator Aaron Wazlavek submitted a proposal regarding the Employee Free Choice Act to the Bay County Democratic Executive Committee for adoption.

On May 17th, 2009, over 200 people from working families mobilized in Jacksonville, FL to show solidarity in standing against the Council for a Union free work Environment (CUE Inc.).

On May 16th, 2009, local labor leaders had an opportunity to meet with US Senator Bill Nelson in Jacksonville, FL

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Last Thursday, about 70 workers and members of the community came together for a Town Hall Meeting in Jacksonville about the Employee Free Choice Act. Union members from AFSCME, APWU, CWA, DTU, IAM, IBEW, ILA, UAW and UFF joined the Florida Democratic Party, ACLU, NAACP and other community groups to discuss the bill, and, more broadly, how to build an economy that works for everyone.

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